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Updates on Krita on android

UpdateIt has been a long time since I posted a blog (1 month+). In fact it might even seem the Krita ran on Android and now GSoC is done. Well, not quite. There’s still a lot to be done.Let’s see what we worked on :)BuildFirst and foremost was managing the build. If you have a look at, you will see that’s a bunch of environment variables and few steps. If you look at underlying code, it was even uglier with lots of boiler plate. So, we had to refactor it and we did and made the build system a bit pleasant. (4467ad274)OpenGL CanvasNext, was a bug in the OpenGL canvas, when we enabled hardware acceleration, the canvas would turn black. QPainter being painfully slow, so it certainly isn’t the option, so we really rely on OpenGL ES.
So we had to fix this, it took me quite some time to fix and the solution was simple in the end.
Results? We can draw on OpenGL canvas now!AutosaveIf you have played any heavy game on Android, then there is one thing which you might know. If you…