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Debugging Krita on Android

Debugging Krita on AndroidWell, the easiest way is to use Android Studio.Import the project in Android Studio as a gradle project and build the project. Krita build will fail when run from Android Studio. Now, to run it successfully, we’ll have to manually provide the path to installPrefix or comment out copyLibsdependency. Now, the project should build properly.You might want to change the debug type to Native or Dual, as their Auto mode did not work for me. Open the C++ file in Android Studio and set a breakpoint. Click the bug icon, sit back and watch while Android Studio does all the magic for you.And then it is usual lldb (in Android Studio) or GUI if that’s what you prefer.Using command line:Starting Android studio takes a lot of time and memory. Then, it builds which takes an additional few minutes, so it really isn’t a good idea to use it for debugging every time the app crashes. So, the less time consuming one and a bit complex method – here we go!Assuming the app has been i…

Hello KDE

Hello, my name is Sharaf. My nick on IRC is sh_zam.

My project is to port Krita to android devices. We've been successful in making the APK, but it only works if I build it, as it requires tweaking qt libraries, a bit. At the moment, my goal is to make the build system fully automatic and spit out the signed APKs for different architectures at the end.

Once I do that, I'll move on to UI, events and other fun stuff!

So, there's a lot to do and learn. Now I'll go back to coding and will write more technical stuff in my blogs in future, as I'm not that good at other stuff (-:

So, thank you KDE for choosing me and I hope I'll learn a lot from this community!